Drug & Alcohol Detox


Detoxification, or detox, is the process of removing toxic substances from the body.

At Moffitt Wellness Retreat, we have partnered with a local hospital, and their medical professionals to safely make the withdrawal process more manageable and comfortable. Medical staff will be on hand to supervise you throughout the detox process, whether you choose the Medical or Natural approach. This ensures your safety should any withdrawal symptoms develop.                                           

After a safe and successful detox, Moffitt Wellness Retreat will transition you into the core of your addiction treatment program – the therapeutic portion where you will address the issues that led to your initial drug abuse and subsequent addiction. In addition, you will have an endless variety of alternative therapeutic activities, physical therapies, as well as our multifaceted, comprehensive and cutting-edge cognitive, behavioral and adventure therapies, leading you to stronger sobriety and a positive outlook on the future and a renewed sense of hope.  Please go to our Rehabilitation Program for Details.

Medical Detox

(3-Day Detox)

Medical Detox is an In-Patient Detox located at a local hospital.  When you arrive to Mexico you are taken immediately to the hospital where you will receive a full medical assessment.  This assessment may require that you start with an assisted medical detox, the process by which your body is weaned from the drug you’ve been taking.  During this process, you may require prescription medications to mitigate the severity of withdrawal symptoms, should you experience them.

We do not immediately promote a Medical Taper (Saboxone, Methadone, Naltroxone) after the detox, or any other drug that may help with withdrawl symptoms.  We promote immediate transition into a clean lifestyle by going directly into our Rehabilitation Program; but for whatever reason taper medication is absolutely needed, our Medical Staff is there to help.

Natural Detox

(3-7 Day Detox)

Natural Detox is an Out-Patient Detox located at Moffitt Wellness Retreat where you will be assessed by a physician and monitored 24/7 by an in-house nurse. Without the use of replacement medications or the step-down method of lowering your dose slowly over time, you can stop using your drug of choice and detox without putting any more chemicals into your body.  This process may take between 3-7 days, or more depending upon your body’s response.