Moffitt Wellness Retreat's luxury drug and alcohol treatment program offers Intervention Specialists that assist you and your family in understanding viable solutions to family problems.

An Intervention is an orchestrated process by family and friends along with a trained intervention specialist to help a family member or loved one seek treatment and complete wellness from substance abuse and all other destructive lifestyles caused by drug and alcohol addiction or to simply find guidance in discovering the benefits and importance of healthy living. An intervention provides the family an opportunity to initiate change. By making a decision to intervene, the family has decided to ask for help. This is pivotal in the change process. By utilizing a trained interventionist, and with the family’s love and support, the intervention will be successful and change can begin.

When dealing with sensitive issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, we understand that strict confidentiality is a must. We have developed a model that ensures quality care, respect, courtesy and the highest level of service while maintaining complete privacy and ethical integrity.

Like our Customized Treatment Plans, we tailor each intervention to the family or individuals' unique needs. We offer individualized approaches and conduct interventions at any location in the world.   We will assist with everything from on the spot Intervention, handling of the family issues, and transportation of your loved one to our facility.  

We have partnered with Cali Estes and her team at The Addictions Academy in providing the service needed to have a successful and safe intervention.

Whether you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, destructive lifestyles caused by addiction or just need to find yourself again, a wonderful journey awaits you.  Let us handle all the details, loose ends and get your loved one in treatment.