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“Every year more and more people arrive to our bay area, either to visit or to live here. I want to make sure they will have the best medical care available anywhere, even better than back home.”


Dr. Peter Gordon M.D.

Dr. Peter Gordon is a seventh generation physician, certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He studied medicine in Guadalajara, México, and completed a residency in family medicine as well as a fellowship in academic and administrative medicine in the United States. For ten years he taught physicians and medical students the art and skills of being a Family Physician.  He also held directorship roles in hospital administration as well as home healthcare services and nursing home facilities.

Then, following one of his life-long goals, in 1998 he returned to México and opened a solo private practice that he has maintained for the past 13 years. Today he has offices in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta where he sees and cares for thousands of families.

Dr. Gordon’s training and experience in both medicine and administration make him a very unique family physician, one who has been able to create successful medical services that are made with the patient doctor relationship in mind. And his years of experience both in the United States and México provide him a one of a kind ability to understand two different worlds and cultures, especially when it comes to medicine.

In 2007 Dr. Gordon helped start Clayton Hill Servicios Medicos which offers home healthcare in the greater Puerto Vallarta area and where he continues as medical director.