A Sober Wellness Vacation in Mexico!

Whether you are a recovering addict, or you feel like you are on the verge of letting your life spin out of control, it's time for a Sober Wellness Vacation.  Its time to work on you, and to get connected to your body before the lifestyle of addiction begins or becomes out of control.

At Moffitt Wellness Retreat our focus is on those in 'Active' Full Blow Addiction.  Through our experience, the people we have had the pleasure of working with, have wished they were educated earlier on the essences of a Healthy Lifestyle, and what that truly means inside and out.  They come to think, maybe the addiction wouldn't have fully settled into my life if I was aware or had the opportunity to learn more about wellness?  Maybe my life wouldn't have spun out of control?  No one will truly know that answer, but what we do know here at MWR, is that everyone either with a full blow addiction or not, needs a Sober Wellness Vacation.  

This is much different than the typical Vacation.  A Vacation with Family/Friends can turn to using party substances, whether alcohol or drugs, or you may be the super adventurous type who is on the go, experiencing all that life has to offer.  Either one is extremely exhausting, and the return back home or work can be a bit painful.  The mind, body, and spirit is usually drained with no deep rest or rejuvenation.    

A 7 or 15-Day Sober Wellness Vacation

Either for the full-blown addict, recovering addict, for someone who thinks their current lifestyle is on the verge of spinning out of control, or for someone who just wants a stress-free pampered vacation.  This vacation is for you and you alone.  

A Few Highlights:

  • Get educated on the impact of addiction.
  • Be taken through exercises to help re-evaluate your life.
  • Education on Coping Skills (Anger Management, Stress & Anxiety, and Relapse Prevention are just a few topics)
  • Development of a bio-individualized nutrition plan and support.
  • Fitness & Yoga
  • Bodywork - Massage or Acupuncture
  • Adventure Therapy
  • * Option to Include Medical Detox.

For those of us in recovery, we will tell you that drinking and drugs have ruined many wins and have created many loses.  This is the time to think and look at your life with a new pair of sunglasses.  This is the time to make more educated decisions about your future and overall well being.

Here at MWR, we believe if people can become more proactive and take charge of their life to experience a Sober Wellness Vacation, that they will be able to carry those experiences into their daily lives and make positive changes.