'Being 53 and looking back on a life that was full of everything that I could have ever wanted, but always having that feeling of wanting more, is a pretty sad existence. Understand, there's nothing wrong if a person can add enough value to Corporate America and as a result makes lots of money! It isn't a bad thing at all! That's just the monetary system we live in and as a result, the way we have always kept score. But in my own personal case, everything I ever wanted I got but was never content for over 24 hours, and that's a stretch! From building a tree house for 3 weeks and playing in it for 15 minutes to acquiring homes in various locations in 2 countries and building many businesses, then selling them, I was still never content! What happened? Where and when did the 'disconnect' happen? There's been many therapists look into just that and several opinions made, which are just what they are, opinions. I can now honestly say I have found slivers of contentment everyday. It feels awesome doing something in life that has a long term benefit for others and a feeling to it that is one like I have never felt. Being new on this journey of Living Life on Life's Terms instead of trying to force an outcome, this is going to be a journey that I want to fully experience Drug and Alcohol Free!! Enjoying the process and looking forward to seeing where it leads! Having raised a family thru my many years of addiction is a pretty tragic journey that I pray everyone has begun healing from. 'Hurricane Roy'! Just like a hurricane that hits the coast and devastates a region and goes inland and dissipates! We absolutely must focus on the Family Dynamics in Recovery from our Addiction. As recovering addicts and alcoholics, we are not only responsible for getting sober, but also cleaning up the destruction and damage from our past! Now looking back I realize the truest joys in life were found in the journey not in any particular destination! That's the part I've heard so many say that they weren't present in there own life. Addiction ruined every win and made every loss worse! So what was the point? I guess it all got me to this point! Thank God!'

'So why wait, do it now before the damage gets to a point that there's no foundation left to rebuild on!'

Roy Moffitt Founder, Moffitt Wellness Retreat


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