One Day at a Time

After selling my business May 4th of 2011, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. People would often ask me,

“What are you going to do now?”.

At that time, my drinking had gone full throttle and 13 months later I found myself binging in Matagorda, Texas. From the time I woke up until the time I passed out, I drank. I pretty much had run my health to a dead end road. June 22nd came around and it was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself, my family and to the friends I left in Texas. People continued to ask me,

“What are you going to do now?”

Today the answer is clear … Something more fulfilling than trying to make a quick buck, that’s what! I began to experience for myself and see other people’s lives taking on a whole new meaning. For the first time ever, I felt that I had found what God has wanted me to do. There is a reason why I survived the drinking that would have taken my life just like it has taken so many lives and destroyed so many families. I didn’t want to force just anything in my life during my early retirement, so I prayed and God answered. What better business is there than giving families their loved ones back free from addiction? A job to let the healing begin and continue a ripple of helping others.

Currently, the relationship with my wife is better than it has been in years. The conversations with my children have taken on a new meaning with a whole new dynamic. Even the relationship with my current baby, a 3 lb Maltese is better than all of my pets in the past. I am able to enjoy things that I never knew I had the ability to enjoy prior to putting an end to drinking and abusing pain pills. I wake up very early in the mornings, hang out with our dog, take time out to talk to my family, enjoy time with my wife and fill my days with a new way of living. Life isn’t all about me anymore and it’s awesome!

I used to go so far as chartering jets everywhere just so I could drink and smoke from my departure to my destination – a very expensive habit! Everywhere I went, I had to spend the most money whether it was from bidding the most at a benefit auction to splurging the most in Las Vegas. And, I felt like I could justify every bit of it!!!

From a so-called, lavish and luxurious lifestyle traveling, to isolation in my Tomball home in our outdoor kitchen, hanging out at my vacation house in Matagorda or spending months at a time in our villa in Puerto Vallarta, everything in my life evolved around alcohol… every waking moment. A life full of a lot- alcohol, pills, money, denial, I could go on. It was a life full of possessions that lacked any substance.

In 2010, I lost seven million dollars after closing my heavy haul company. I chased money in so many of the wrong ways. It was insanity really, and the entire ordeal hurt many people and fractured many relationships in my life. Luckily, I was never forced to file bankruptcy, but I did let it get the best of me for a while. At least I’m here to tell my story and try to help others recognize that the key to happiness is far from what I thought.

A dear friend, who ended up taking his own life always told me that I always spent a $100.00 on a $10.00 show – boy, that should’ve rang a bell! Today, I’m turning that knowledge into advice and my first client’s (Jean) thinking is much clearer now than mine was at his age.

I’ve been in the-service business my entire life and did quite well in highly service sensitive areas for 30 years. We specialized in providing fuel to generators during times of power outages. Some of you that know me know how serious I took it when someone trusted me with their critical needs in the time of disasters. Some of the largest restoration companies in the world depended on me. Similarly, my new business deals with disaster that requires powering up lives. It’s time I provide resources to provide fuel for the minds and hearts of people who deserve a brighter future!!

If you or someone you know is in need of some fuel, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Forever in the Fuel Business,
Roy M.