How to Find Support in Recovery after Couples Rehab – Part Two

Addiction isn’t a spectator sport; eventually, the whole family gets to play. - Anonymous

The impact addiction has on children is difficult to measure, but it is negative, and it is strong. When addicted parents decide to seek treatment and begin the recovery process, they give themselves and their children hope for a life of more stability, security, and love. Your counselor at your treatment program may recommend family therapy as part of your recovery process so that you can rebuild damaged relationships with your children and learn to provide the much needed emotional and psychological support for them. 

Parents Anonymous for Couples in Rehab

But family therapy may not be possible to sustain over the long-term, based on cost and other limiting factors.  Becoming active parents can be daunting, especially as the whole family adjusts to what it’s like to have a clean and sober environment. Sometimes group support from peers, helps to alleviate the stress of learning how to be a better parent. Although not a program for addicts per se, Parents Anonymous can be highly appropriate for the types of issues recovering parents are faced with. 

The goal as stated on their website is to “provide a comprehensive family strengthening program based on the principles of mutual support, parent leadership, shared leadership® and personal growth and change including weekly Adult Groups and Children and Youth Groups. Parents Anonymous® Groups offer a caring and supportive environment where parents and caregivers support each other and explore new parenting strategies, address underlying emotional issues, and create long lasting positive changes in their families. This vital community-based program includes weekly, free of charge Parents Anonymous® Groups which are co-led by a Parent Group Leader and Group Facilitator engaged in shared leadership® who are trained and supervised in the Parents Anonymous® model.” 

 They meet for 1.5 – 2 hours weekly in a convenient location such as churches, schools, shelters, mental health facilities, and military agencies – to name a few. 

What to expect as a participant in Parents Anonymous

PA strives to be a comprehensive parental support network. While they are not a program designed for alcohol or drug addicts, information and skills acquired in PA are completely transferrable to what parents need to rebuild in their recovery. In meetings, you will:
•    Discuss your parenting concerns, joys, and questions in a safe, compassionate environment.
•    Give and receive free, ongoing, confidential support.
•    Learn new communication skills and effective parenting strategies.
•    Expand your capacity to effectively advocate for your children’s needs, as well as your own.
•    Develop your leadership abilities to benefit your family, the Parents Anonymous® Group, and the community.
•    Benefit from ongoing training, coaching and technical assistance, and program materials.
•    Build on your parenting and leadership strengths.
•    Cultivate positive relationships with other parents, and foster shared leadership® in your community.
•    Learn about community resources that can benefit yourself, your children, and family.

A key benefit to the PA meetings is that the children of addicted parents get to participate as well by attending the children and youth meetings and getting support they might need in a variety of ways. Truly, the whole family benefits from the Parents Anonymous program.

Parents Anonymous in Your Area

If you would like help finding a PA program near you please visit their website and use their Network Map to click on the state where you live. There you will find contact information on all accredited Parents Anonymous® organizations in your state. Contact a Parents Anonymous® organization, and they will provide you with information about Parents Anonymous® Groups in your local area.

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