There are many aspects in one individuals life. One dimension can be that we are trying to overcome something from the past, present, or even from an idea of the future. This burden that some of us carry stays connected and roots into our very nature. It is something that no one can see, and it is something that only the seer of life can understand fully to the essence that the burden really is. It can take us into a spin and never hang us out to dry. The spinning and spinning, round and round the burden takes over and never let's go. Mentally we are anguished by the very nature of our existence, and we look for peace in all the wrong places.

Here, Now, Today, is the time to OVERCOME. To Overcome the feelings of Anguish. To Overcome Jealously. To Overcome Pain. To Overcome Uncertainty. To Overcome Anger To Overcome Confusion. To Overcome Fear. To Overcome the Pattern of Negative Thinking.

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-- Julia Allshouse CHHC, RYT-200, Operations Director