The Real Value

of a Luxury Drug Rehab Program


We would not be surprised if you assumed that our luxury drug rehab recovery program is reserved for celebrities, executives, and business professionals. But this would be a wrong assumption since it is an option available for anyone who believes that the best possible treatment is worth every dollar paid.


Moffitt Wellness Retreat has built its reputation as one of the best luxury drug rehab programs in Mexico on both its ability to deliver lasting results and making the best amenities available to clients.

We understand that the decision to commit to addiction treatment is a defining moment. We recognize that addiction treatment is a very serious and focused process. We have first-hand experience on how challenging it is to successfully complete a treatment program. Therefore, at Moffitt Wellness Retreat, we made a conscious decision that our addiction treatment programs have to reward people for this life changing commitment. And, one of the best ways to reward them, is to give them an environment they love to be in. Now ask yourself: What better way to encourage people than to let them know that addiction treatment is not a punishment, rather it is an investment in them, their future, and the communities they serve.   

Completing an addiction treatment in a luxury drug rehab environment allow you to focus on your recovery instead of worrying about what you may be missing out on.  Imagine being nestled in the jungle-clad Sierra Madre Mountains with a scenic view of the ocean in the foothills of Mismaloya in a gated community that guarantees you privacy, security and confidentiality. Now visualize yourself stretching out in your completely private room with an expert chef who creates your gourmet meals - everything you need to stimulate your emotional and physical well-being.  And, as if all this are not enough, you will have a sober companion who will be by your side throughout the entire process, someone who will take you on some of the most exciting adventure therapies that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has to offer.  

Why a luxury drug rehab?

Better Staff

You may already be aware that luxury drug rehab treatments do not qualify or receive government funding, which means we are funded by our patients.  With this format, we are able to contract the best possible recovery specialists because our only obligation is to our patients.  This means that we are able to cater to the unique needs of our patients.  For example, if a patient has been evaluated during admissions to be in need of physical therapy, we are able to uniquely tailor their rehab program and therapists to their special need.  And, since most of our specialists have experience with multi-dimensional therapies, if any one particular course of action does not deliver the required results for a patient, we are able to immediately adjust their treatment program accordingly. 

Another key benefit is that it not only guarantees a very personalized treatment program, it also ensures an intensive and focused treatment program for each patient because we are able to provide a better staff-to-patient ratio.  This gives our therapists exclusive one-on-one time with each patient.

24-hr Medical Supervision when needed.

24-hr Medical Supervision when needed.

Attentive Medical Supervision

Having the ability to contract with some of the best physicians available, our patients receive expert physical and psychological care during their treatment. This is especially important if a patient has any pre-existing medical conditions or needs to undergo a medical detox before being admitted into our rehab program.  We also administer 24-hr medical supervision if needed. Even though many patients overlook the initial detoxification process, it helps us set the standard for our entire program.


Peace of Mind

“You get what you paid for...” How many times have you heard those words? Unfortunately, those words are also applicable to addiction treatment.

When it comes to free or low cost rehab options, you seldom know the reason or circumstances for people being there – and most of the times you have no option in who you are sharing a room with. But maybe most important, you have no idea if anyone has the same goal and motivation as you do. 

Participating in an addiction treatment program at a luxury drug rehab facility such as Moffitt Wellness Retreat, change that equation.  At our luxury drug rehab you have the peace of mind knowing that all patients are willing to make an investment in themselves, often an indication of their motivation to be successful in their treatment. We have learned that when patients are focused and determined, it frequently create a sense of harmony and support that can benefit all patients when treatments become challenging.


The Best Chance at Recovery

It is normal to want the best for ourselves or for the people that we care about, especially when we are dealing with drug and/or alcohol addiction.  Though it is true that private rehab options requires a bigger investment, the overall quality of the staff, facility, medical personnel, and treatment program over and over again makes up for that.  It is an investment that you make in yourself or in someone close to you.  We truly believe that our rehab programs offer a better long-term transformation because of our ability to sustain personal and private care for each of our patients.  The unique one-on-one attention that our patients receive give them the ability to open up and heal on their own pace, without any comparisons or judgments. This in itself enables confidence, strength, and courage in continuing to move forward.