Addiction | Staying Sober During the Holidays | 5 Tips


During the Holiday's it can be very difficult when you may have family and friends who love to celebrate with a celebratory substance (Alcohol, Weed, Opiates, Coke, Heroin, Ecstasy, etc). Holiday occasions can impose feelings of anxiety, depression, or even isolation because you have made profound life changes, where as everyone else still has the same lifestyle as before.  Please read our TOP 5 TIPS in how to Relax within your Sober Holiday.

1.  Do Not Get Hung Up on your State of Sobriety. 

Relax and have a good time.  Our thoughts control our response to the present moment, so do not create an uncomfortable situation when there isn't one.  The moment you decide that you cannot have a good time sober, is when you have created that internal delusional of reality.

2.  Be Selective of Whom you Accept Invitations From.  

You know from the past, and through your own intuition, which parties are appropriate and which ones are not.  Also, you can have fun by creating your own annual party where you can have control of what you accept and what you do not.

3.  Manage your Social Anxiety.

When Anxiety starts to kick in, take 3 deep breaths to relax.  Then, go ask a friend to take a walk to connect on a more personnel basis.  Create space between you and the heavy activity within the party.  Create your own personnel party within the party.

4.  Promote Healthy New Traditions with your Friends and Family.  

This is the time to express all the wonderful new lifestyle changes that you have inherited as your own.  Cook Healthy Pot Luck Dishes, and share information that can help them and their loved ones become healthier themselves.  They will love you for it!  Be an Example, and use your intellectual power to continue to create shifts within your circle.

5.  Give Thanks for Sober Days.  

Take this annual occasion to dedicate your sobriety to yourself and your loved ones.  Reflect, and Smile on the hurdles you have overcome.  Be an Example Towards Change and Growth.  Even though people within your circle may not have an active addiction, most of us reflect on what changes (small or big) need to be made within our lives, and when loved ones see your success, it can give them the confidence to do the same.