Codependency Wellness Retreat

Until the Addict is ready to make changes, you will always find yourself fighting against an uphill battle.  Take the first step towards fighting against your Codependency by attending a 1 or 2 week program at Moffitt Wellness Retreat.  This program will guide you into Strength you never knew you had, and to teach you how to support and help your loved one in a more practical way.  

CoDependency can be hard to identify if you have never been explained it's definition.  Many of us are supporting an addict through our codependent ways, but confuse it as love, care, or even jelousy. You may have already come to terms that your loved one is an addict, or you could be confused on the reality of their situation.  

Is your relationship characterized by constant fights, recriminations, blame, verbal abuse and occasional violence?  Are your attempts at control failing and you hate yourself for it?  Are you angry, because you have tried everything and nothing works?   Welcome to the world of the codependent.

Signs of Codependency:

  • You constantly ask yourself what you did to contribute to this situation
  • You cover up your real feelings by pretending you don't care, or don't notice someone else's drug habit
  • You spend a large portion of your time thinking about this person and their habit and what you can do about it
  • You have become very suspicious where this person is concerned - you watch what they do, where they go and check to see that nothing is missing after they have been
  • You constantly feel anxious, waiting for the next outburst or drama.
  • You find yourself bargaining with this person or threatening them
  • Your entire emotional energy is focused on this person, their habit and its consequences rather than on yourself and your life
  • You are constantly trying to make things better, but nothing works
  • You are being lied to and deceived on a constant basis, but you find yourself wanting to believe what is being said to you.

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