We have to open our eyes! It's time to get serious about our lives and what we truly want.

There's nobody that started out on the path of drinking to excess that thought it would lead to where it has! Be aware of Addiction and Alcoholism, by the time you ask yourself the question, 'Am I an alcoholic?', typically, you're already there! Trying to convince yourself by saying, 'Not me! I'm not an alcoholic! I have a job, a home, a great family, money in the bank. I'm not skid a row bum! I Got This!'… Wake Up! You don't 'Have This', what you have is DENIAL, a state of mind and attitude that will defeat us in all cases. I've seen it and experienced it first hand! We lose the battle, along with our loved ones. The resulting negative effect on our family dynamics is tragic and completely unnecessary!

Find an addiction professional you can trust, there are many, we've all created a big market for them. Be certain this person is experienced in addiction first hand, they will be honest with you about what is necessary to heal, to stop repeating the pain of the past. Put aside your Ego and listen! Why wait? Let's get honest with ourselves and get this dealt with before it kills us! I know this only through my own personal experiences, my own journey! And saw the signs of addiction a long, long time ago, but it was too late, I had crossed that line into Addiction. I never reached out to someone to try to understand where my life was headed. I didn't get a hold on the very thing that had me in the grips of death. Please don't kid yourself.

Surrender and find Freedom!

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