My personal journey – and a beautifully continuing one it is – turning toward a life of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual recovery led me to envision a sanctuary for others seeking release from the clutches of addiction and chaos to live the life we all deserve.

So, I am privileged to have assembled a team of like-minded professionals committed to providing the most comprehensive and targeted recovery centre possible, one based on the latest recovery philosophies and practices, and in the most supportive and comfortable atmosphere.

The road to addiction recovery varies, but inevitably starts with the detoxification of the chemically ravaged body. From the moment a Moffitt guest arrives, our medical team evaluates and monitors this critical stage, ensuring safety and comfort through 24hour per day care with emphasis on rest, nutrition and fitness. Within days, the mental fog begins to lift.

When the detoxification process is complete, guests move to our main facility where the emotional and spiritual recovery from addiction begins. Here, you begin seeing our therapist and participating in daily group meetings as they rediscover confidence and passion for life through a myriad of self-directed and Centre-based activities.

Moffitt Wellness Retreat encourages simultaneous healing of the clients loved ones.Trained staff members, most of which have mastered their own recovery, are on hand to assist and initiate healing the pain and damage that addiction has caused between yourself and your loved ones.

We believe everyone’s journey into addiction – and out of it – is different, but its common problem is self-defeating behavior, not a moral deficiency. Our mission is to help our guests build a recovery foundation in our unique environment. Everyone deserves the opportunity to regain a happy, healthy and fulfilling life and our goal is to provide the tools to make that a reality.

Disconnect from chaos. Connect to serenity.

Moffitt Wellness Retreat. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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