I’ve always known that there’s something special about Puerto Vallarta, but now I’m totally convinced! In our research and development stages, we have successfully  treated a few people who reached out during a time of pain from Addiction. The result has been beautiful!

We have successfully worked with individuals suffering from Alcoholism to Opiate Addiction, not to mention the struggles associated with overall health conditions. Witnessing these individuals has given my team a tremendous amount of Hope for our future clients.  Hope for continued opportunities to restore the lives of the addict and help their families, who have also suffered greatly as a result of this disease of addiction.

A few of our guests have said that being able to do this in Puerto Vallarta feels as if they were cheating! All would say there is certainly something incredibly special and magical that this beautiful place on earth has to offer.  One thing I know for sure – we made the right choice!  

We are excited and proud to officially announce the opening of Moffitt Wellness Retreat! May healing and renewal continue to impact lives here.