It’s New Year’s resolution time and we are once again faced with yet another opportunity to make one and actually keep it!

It’s time to make a decision that can put you on a different path in life. Stop being dependent on Alcohol or Drugs, remove it from your life equation. Easy to say, right? We understand that doing it alone can be a difficult journey and are here when you’re ready. This can be the most life altering and beautiful journey for yourself and your loved ones. Make a resolution that will pay dividends in all aspects of our life, there’s no better time to make a fresh start than right now! Give yourself and your family a gift that will return you to the life that you once had, a life of actually being PRESENT! Alcohol and drug addiction is not a life sentence – it can be overcome. Look forward to a bright and promising New Year! Live a life with Purpose, we only get one shot at this deal!

Make 2014 the best year yet, ‘Disconnect from the chaos and connect to the serenity at Moffitt Wellness Retreat’.

Whether you are struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs, destructive life styles caused by addiction or just need to find yourself again, a wonderful journey awaits you at Moffitt Wellness Retreat…

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We would love to hear from you and answer any questions in regards to discovering the benefits and importance of healthy living and designing a customized treatment plan that works for you.