One Day at a Time

In my opinion, the start of this new program couldn’t have been any better. With recovery being strong in this region, it has made attending meetings a daily occurrence. The therapeutic value in Puerto Vallarta has had a huge impact on the program and makes following a meal plan and fitness plan worth the hard work.

My first client a 38 year old addict alcoholic was submerged in this world without a lot of time to even think about it. We’ve spent a lot of time together discussing the value of living sober and how much the advantages out weigh that of living drunk or high.

We are incorporating hiking along the pacific as well in the Sierra Madre mountains or just a leisure nature walk as a great way to clear the mind.

We have a massage therapist, facials and a whole list of spa packages. Our goal is to give a person all the time to relax they need and enjoy clean and sober living in an environment with like minded people!

We follow a daily schedule that will help anyone with or without an addiction to enjoy the serenity we have to offer here. Our meals and supplies are mostly from the markets where the locals bring the foods and crafts for sale from organic produce, coffees, ice creams and jewelry etc. Trips to the market are eye opening experiences and we encourage our guests to make the trips themselves.

Nature has offered us some opportunities to enjoy what God has here for us to enjoy. We have been posting outings and activities on our site including whale watching and fishing.

Above and beyond outdoor activities, we have taken a few trips to an orphanage to get things in perspective. We even visited a very poor area here in PV where we fed 200 men, woman and children!
It was a really good feeling to stop everything we were doing and give back to the people in this region. Amazingly, these are people who are truly happy living their lives with almost nothing and see how God has given them the tools to survive and exist in a area where most of us couldn’t stand for an entire 24 hour period!

I am working on incorporating serving the community into our program at Casa Patricia Wellness Retreat. The goal is to feed the homeless one day a week moving forward.

We have had a lot of time to read and will finish the books and work the twelve steps of AA and NA. Of course, staying busy requires some much needed rest! My first client said this is the best he has rested in years. He was a Meth and Alcohol addict for a very long time and very overweight so it has been work, but we are getting some really good results. What we are doing here is a very unique way to live. Learn to live sober, healthy and selfless; if that’s what a person is looking for, I think we’ve found a very special mix of it all!

Thanks for your interest and support,
Roy M.