This Friday, Jean will have been here for 30 days.  That is 30 days of being drug and alcohol free – AWESOME. He has been doing great!! Yesterday, we kicked butt at the gym – Jean’s energy level has increased so much that he was able to stick it out on the treadmill for 30 minutes of cardio … Up to 30 minutes in 30 days!

Okay, I admit – we have had a couple of cheat meals, but altogether we have been eating clean and loving every meal.  Watching my first client tackle this challenge and take the reigns on change has given me a lot of HOPE.  What I am doing here isn’t easy … sure, the scenery is beautiful, the meals are great, the schedule is relaxed, but it comes with real life struggles.  Puerto Vallarta has always been my “home away from home”, but each day I am here, it is gradually starting to feel more like my main home.   I am staying focused on my “one day at a time” policy, but all that I once knew has changed and every day comes with its “balance-finding” struggles.

I know that this is where I belong … for today, at least … and through Jean’s recovery, I know that this program will work for others.  He faced his past and now hasn’t had any desire to use.  Facing the past sometimes leads people to regret – sometimes I catch myself wanting to take things back, but sometimes you have to “go there to get here”.  I remind myself that, had I not hit rock bottom, this opportunity would have never been placed in front of me.  Accept the past for what it WAS and live today for what it IS.  My goal is to teach my clients what I have learned myself: living sober and living well are two totally different things.  Combining tools/resources/activities that I have found work for myself with tools/resources/activities that work for my clients will lead them to more than just a sober life, but a WELL life.

Set Goals, Reach Goals, Live Well, Be Happy.

Until Next Time,

Roy M.