How to Get Ready for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

The choice to go to Rehab can be a difficult decision. Below is a list of TIPs developed by recovering addicts at MW to help guide you in the beginning stages of recovery.

Tip #1 The Willingness and Disposition to Quit Suffering

Before you arrive, you need to come to a heartfelt connection with yourself and the desire to be open to the unknown and the willingness to let guidance take place.

Tip #2 Let Go of your EGO and the care of what others will Think.

Your decision for admittance will show how much you care about yourself and the others in your life you have affected.

Tip #3 Don't Binge

Binging will make it that much more difficult to restore yourself in a short amount of time after Detox.

Tip #4 Don't change your Dosing Schedule

One of the main benefits of medical detox, is that you have the care of health professionals that guide you through the process, and monitor your physical and mental health.

Tip #5 Rest

Start to get ready for your trip by drinking some tea, packing summer clothes, writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal and save to read when you return, walk in a park to reflect and prepare for your travels ahead to beautiful Mexico.

Tip #6 Establish a Support System

Confide your decision to friends and family that will support you and give you the guidance that you need in preparing for your trip. If you feel alone or just need extra support, call our Support Line at: 713.907.5632