Going to treatment for addiction can carry a lot of anxiety for everyone. Both for the addicted and their loved ones. The bridge from active addiction to recovery in a facility where the healing can begin is a very important step! It is also very eye opening to look at your life and wonder how did I get here? It was one of the things I asked myself, but I knew it didn't matter!

How I got here is just part of the story, moving forward is the key in doing this part in a healthy way, and the help of a therapist is a giant step. Most people that enter into a treatment center don't realize how bad their behavior has become and the effect it had on their life or their loved ones.

There's a big sigh of relief the second the decision is made to stop the chaos and begin a journey Drug and Alcohol free! Never, Never, lose hope in yourself or for a loved one battling addiction.

It is a very tough fight, and it is one that kills most people and ruins many life's. Embrace it! Be thankful for another shot at life and enjoy the process. It's not going to be simple but it's very rewarding!

As I tell everyone, there are thousands of recovery places to choose from, so make sure you do some research on your selection because this is the biggest step you will ever take!

What we have here at Moffitt Wellness Retreat is a Healing Community! A place where you simply learn how to live a Sober Life Style. This very skill will help you continue your journey of sober living once you return home.