Addiction | Moffitt Wellness Retreat


What if we looked at Addiction the way we look at other Diseases?

If we thought for one minute we had a heart problem, diabetes, or cancer, we would rush to the appropriate medical professional.

However, with addiction we tell ourselves we don't have it – even though deep down we've questioned ourselves over and over about our drinking. Yes, we have had the question for a very long time!

Think of it, people that don't have the disease of addiction don't ask themselves that question.  The thought doesn't cross their mind like it does with someone who has the disease of addiction! Why then is it that with addiction we live in denial?  

Addiction is a disease that's self-diagnosed and self-treated, therefore it requires self-honesty – a skill or gift that unfortunately only a very few of us possess.  It just happens one day; the fun of drinking is gone. And, even though the pleasure is not there anymore we still continue, hoping to experience the same feeling that we once obtained from alcohol.  But the problem is: when alcohol quits working you’ll never experience that same feeling again. From there on it only spirals downward.  Alcohol will cause you emotional discomfort, guilt, shame, and resentment.


With alcoholism we search and exhaust all of our efforts fighting with ourselves and those around us, typically our loved ones. We keep on fighting until we've damaged many of our relationships, our health and our sanity!  Ironically, when someone is diagnosed with Type ii diabetes, they follow doctor's orders, they take the prescribed medication, they follow the nutrition program; all in an effort to lessen the effects of diabetes.

But, with addiction we never slow down. If we do take a break we always find ourselves back where we were just a few weeks or months ago. And so many times we are not only back where we were, we are often worse off! Whether you believe alcohol addiction to be a disease or not, as long as you're honest with yourself and realize what you've contracted, then you can get on a path of recovery and put the pieces back together.  One piece at a time!  One day at a time!

Recovery is an investment that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life!  It will allow you to break a cycle in your family of dysfunction! It's never too late!  Take action! Leave a Legacy.