Couples Addiction Treatment and Recovery


This process isn't easy, I've lived it.

I haven’t only lived it; I’ve seen it many times happening all around me. One half of the couple gets into recovery while the other seems to think he or she doesn't have a problem.  "Not me!"  

But so often we've become alcohol dependent together.  I feel, and many in the recovery community will validate this as well, that if one spouse enters recovery and the other doesn't enter a recovery program of some sort, the relationship post treatment can be very difficult to navigate.

When a couple quits growing together they grow apart.  If both spouses are re-examining their life in a recovery program, the marriage will be much stronger and the ability to blossom into a loving, and not a codependent relationship will grow.  They say if you scratch the surface of an alcoholic you will find a codependent…


Hence the reason we've always offered couples recovery from alcohol dependence. This way both can be on the same path and experience their growth together. It helps the relationship to move forward and it stops the victim roles in the relationship!

And, maybe the biggest gift that couples receive from completing recovery together is that it shows their children how to grow older together in a healthy relationship. Instead of telling them how to have one, show them!  That legacy will also pass down for generations to come, just as the dysfunction in relationships have a ripple effect, recovery, the opposite of dysfunction, will have a ripple effect and do the same to break the cycle!

Please call us today! We have made available a complimentary couples recovery consultation to help you start on this path to recovery.

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