A Different Style makes all the Difference!

There are so many different rehab programs to choose from where it can become difficult in selecting which rehab is right for you.  So many people arrive to rehab and cannot wait to leave.  They get trapped into thinking that there is a quick fix.  How can any addict get much from the experience if they're only counting the days?  I don't think you can have an open mind when you're miserable, hence the reason why I fell in love with our facility in Puerto Vallarta, MX. 

Puerto Vallarta is a place where most people go for vacation, so to create a Drug & Alcohol Rehab at a beautiful destination was the perfect answer to give guests the ability to connect not only to their healing from addiction, but also to the beauty that is wrapped around them.

There will never be more then 4 guests at our facility.  You will receive private, and individual attention and have the opportunity to experience the same things as you would on a vacation.  Adventure Therapy, Counseling, Detox, Nutrition, along with a Personal Trainer is all a part of our program to get sober and healthy.  The better you feel, and the more you are enjoying your experience, the better the chances are that you will keep an opened mind and learn much more about your addiction.

Relapse is talked about as being inevitable, but we believe that once you begin to enjoy being clean and sober, you will realize that life without drugs and alcohol is much greater!!!

It's time to leave all distractions and go on a wellness journey.