Recovery from Alcoholism | Alcoholic Regrets

As I reflect on my life, I have come to understand that being an Alcoholic is a life that I never want to experience again.  As I look into the looking glass, I can fully see the pain I put myself, family, and friends through.  Through this deeper sense of past reality, I can't help but express the need to surrender before regrets begin to pile up and become to great to bear.

Recovery from alcoholism no doubt has it's challenges, but at this point in my recovery I am able to think more clearly and become connected on a different plane.  You ask me, "Is life better?"  SURE, my life and mind are more clear, but it IS different.  You can definitely say my life has never been "normal', or whatever that means, and alcohol made me more comfortable in my skin and a little easier to exist in this crazy world for many many years, so I thought...

When people contact me with concerns about their addiction, I stress to them that not even "I" can say something that will make them shift, but I do tell them to be honest with themselves, and to remove the delusion of reality that they have created within their life.  This is easier said then done, but I continue to guide them towards some glimmer of the truth, in hopes that they begin to reach out and do something before their regrets are built up to high.  The more regrets, the harder it may become to stay sober for any length of time.  

There is nothing we can do about the past, but there is always, I mean always, changes we can do within our present moment.  Even when you think you see there is no way out, there are always small steps that can be taken towards healing.  No step is to small.  So please stop the chaos before there is to much pain.  Don't create any more of a challenge within your recovery and begin to let go and let it take you into a magical ride into the beauty of the unknown.  

Become Optimistic instead of Pessimistic.  The fewer the regrets, the easier the Journey.  You Got This!  Dig Deep and deal with it now before it is to late!  God Bless Everyone that is suffering.  There is another chapter of life awaiting you, just turn the page and press on.

15-Day Recovery & Relax 

(3-Day Medical Detox & Kick-Start into Rehabilitation) 


Program Includes:

  • A Physical and Psychiatric Addiction Assessment
  • Sober Escort and Traveling Support Services Daily
  • 3-Day Detox (Medical or Holistic)
  • Guided through the 12-Steps of Recovery Program
  • Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Workbook Sessions
  • Healthy Gourmet Meals made with local vegetables and protein (access depends upon season and accessibility) Daily
  • Sessions of Private Fitness dedicated to your specific needs.
  • Outdoor Adventure Therapies and Activities
  • Sessions of Guided Yoga, Breath work and Meditation
  • 2 Massages
  • Weekly AA or NA Group Meetings