Top 10 Reasons.

Why Rehab in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is the place for you!

1.  Privacy, Privacy, Privacy

2.  Sun & More Sun - It has a way to make you feel comfortable and at ease on even the hardest day.

3.  Confidentiality - Medical Records will not be linked to your Native Health Insurance Record.

4.   A Vacation Experience where your personnel wellness is number 1.

5.  Beautiful landscape that mixes the mountains and ocean view into a surreal experience.

6.  Mexican Cultural Experiences that can bring you into a more clear perspective.

7.  Friendly Mexican Staff where even on your worst day they will make you feel right at home.

8.  Experienced Medical Staff that do not pressure alternative pharmaceutical drugs as a Taper after the Medical Detox.

9.  We are nested in the Bay of Banderas which is the birthing ground for Humpback Whales.  Tours will take you into the sea where you can experience this miracle of life.

10.  Adventure Therapy is limitless.  You will be guided in experiences where your heart may open up to find a connection you never knew you had.