In the beginning stages of recovery we want to heal fast and now. This is a journey and an experience that we have to learn how to do with patience. We need to be fair to ourselves and allow the process to work in our life at a gradual pace. We cannot get upset with ourselves and with our support system if we feel we are not progressing as rapid as we would like. Remember, you didn't get here overnite, so take it easy, it will get better as long as you stay sober and keep your Recovery 1st. When you come into emotional pain, reach out and go to the gym, walk, meditate, or talk to a recovery coach, or a sponsor who has experienced the same difficulties, and let them guide you. Your ego will tell you that you are able to control your issues, and then before you know it you have relapsed. You need to let go of your control issues and let yourself be guided through the process of creating new healthy habits. Once you are able to heart fully connect to the brighter side of life, recovery will become a new lifestyle that you can love and enjoy.

If you are unsure if a Detox and Rehab Program is for you, please call our hotline to discuss at: 1.713.907.5632

-- Julia Allshouse CHHC, RYT-200 Operations Director 322-105-0981