Being in Recovery is a different experience for all of us. For me, alcohol was a great solution to life's problems. It would calm my anxiety, wipe away the fears that stimulated my mind, and at the same time it was an escape from my reality. I believe the road of Recovery gives you the opportunity to go deeper inside the psyche and find what really brings us joy and inner peace. Those of us who have crossed into the depths of addiction found the addiction to be a best friend of sorts, a way of being so the substance could give us comfort. Without our best friend by our side, we now have to come to a place of understanding of what kind of 'void' that substance was filling. Why have I become so out of control, and what can I do to Overcome? 12-Step Meetings, Church, Fitness, Nutritional Changes, or Therapy? All the above or something much more? Whatever it is, our life will take a drastic change from the stimulus life we lead before, but once we find our alternative method(s) of positive healing, what we accomplish will surely be a different life, much healthier, more relaxed and hopefully a little calmer. We need to "let go" and no longer fight against our new path of existence. We need to no longer look at the mistakes weave made because the past is the past and the future has not been written. Learn to enjoy the journey of recovery. Meet new people, find what inspires you, take care of your body. After all we've survived! It's time to re-write your story.

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