Why Is It Important for Couples to Go to Alcohol and Drug Rehab Together?

A very real ramification of drug or alcohol abuse and addiction is the serious breakdown of important personal relationships.  As you continue to consume controlled substances, their “effects” consume you.  The physiological and psychological “need” for the drug (or booze), can take priority over all else, even the loved one closest to you, which can result in the erosion of that significant relationship. Put simply, when the need for “a fix” becomes more powerful than your desire to manage the responsibilities in your union, the partnership is in trouble.

Sometimes, one person within the couple realizes how serious his or her problem with controlled substances has become, and decides to seek treatment on his own.  He, for example, may feel that if he gets control of his own abuse, everything will work out okay.  It takes strength to make that decision and enter a program on your own, especially if your spouse or partner is not interested in the same thing. However, upon returning home, it is very difficult for a recovering addict to remain sober in a drug or alcohol filled household, while watching the loved one continue to use.  Unfortunately, the typical result is that the one in recovery decides to end the relationship and move on, or relapses and succumbs to the addiction once again. The bottom line is that if both you and your partner abuse alcohol or drugs, and both addicted partners do not seek treatment at the same time, it will jeopardize the successfulness of the recovery process for the one who did due to the temptation that surrounds them.

The lasting recovery from substance abuse depends in part, on making the relationship better. The best way for either person in an addicted couple to succeed in recovery and maintain sobriety is to seek addiction treatment together. If you and your loved one decide to pursue treatment at the same time, you can both overcome your addiction, become healthy individuals, and thus better partners to and for each other.

What are the benefits of Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment for Couples?

Whether you and your partner met prior to drug or alcohol abuse or after the substance abuse was established, sharing the use of controlled substances may have felt like a bonding experience. When you remove the drugs and alcohol, you have to learn to relate to each other on a whole new level. This can be challenging; however, you can provide emotional support for each other probably better than anyone else. There are few people you know as well, who can completely relate to what you are thinking and feeling as you begin the road to recovery. Your partner’s journey is similar, and that in itself, can be an incredible source of comfort and strength when you need it.

It can be hard to find a residential treatment center that will allow a couple to enter rehab together, stay together, and be able to address the specific needs of each one, as well as the needs of the couple. Moffitt Wellness Retreat has taken this into account by developing a luxury facility where couples can get away from their dysfunctional environment, and focus on recovery from addiction, while repairing their health and relationship with the help of our caring, professionally trained and licensed staff.

While you are here with us in our luxury rehab facility, we will help you uncover the roots of your abuse, and identify triggers that could lead to relapse so that you know how to avoid them or cope in the future. It’s important to understand what led to the substance use in the first place, and teach both partners how to recognize the stressors that preceded substance abuse, which eventually became the addiction. We want to help you understand this for yourself, and then, if the abuse of drugs or alcohol occurred after you established your relationship to your significant other, figure out what may have allowed the substance use to take control.

By going through the rehabilitation process together in the same setting, our counselors can address concerns from each couple as they arise. You will participate in individual and couples’ therapy as part of your treatment plan, focusing on new ways to problem solve, communicate, learn to truly love and receive love, and fill your time together with healthy hobbies and activities now that your lives are not centered around drugs or alcohol. At Moffitt Wellness Retreat, we provide the environment, the professional help, and the plan for you to succeed in recovery with your partner by your side. Although eliminating alcohol or drug use is only a starting point, once sobriety is attained, a supportive and caring relationship can be key in making that sobriety last.

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