You feel like life is spinning out of control. You have a partner but feel more alone than ever.

Money may soon become an issue; maybe one or both of you have lost a job. Arguing happens so much more often. And heated discussions may have actually turned violent. For sure, you’ve gotten good at the ‘blame game’, and one of you is better at it than the other.  But there is no winner because it means the relationship is falling apart. Substance abuse has taken over. One of you may have tried drug or alcohol treatment at least once, only to relapse a short time later. Maybe you even tried couples rehab and couples therapy at some point, but that didn’t stop you from using, at least not for long. Are you feeling depressed, exhausted, resentful, or miserable? You may feel lost and wonder if the relationship is worth saving. So, what do you do?

Rehab for Couples

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When two people in a partnership are both addicted to drugs or alcohol, it will be impossible to maintain a healthy, happy union if both continue the addictive behavior, or if one tries to get sober and the other doesn’t. However, if you both recognize that you need help, and that getting clean and sober together means greater success in sobriety individually and as a couple, then there is hope for the two of you.  

But traditional rehabilitation centers treat only the individual. Couples therapy may be part of their comprehensive program, but the expectation has always been to treat each person separately. So where can you go to seek rehab, and be assured of staying together? Moffitt Wellness Retreat located in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, is a villa style luxury facility designed to be the get-away couples need in order to leave the toxic environment behind, and focus on themselves as individuals who need to detox and heal personally, yet receive guidance to concentrate on each other in order to repair and grow the relationship. Our accommodations allow for the couple to decide if they would like to stay in the same room or separately. We work with you to choose the best scenario for the two of you when you arrive. We honor the individual who must work through treatment into recovery at his or her own pace, but we also honor the partnership you have formed and your intention to work through rehab together. 

Rehab for Couples - What can you expect from our luxury couples rehab treatment program?

Even though you will arrive as a couple, you will be assessed individually so as to understand where you are in your addiction, and how best to create a plan for your specific treatment. Then, we make the plan for how you will work together.

Part of the treatment plan may include:

·         Detox

·         Individual therapy – such as cognitive behavior therapy

·         Group counseling

·         Couples drug/alcohol addiction counseling

·         Marriage Counseling/Couples Therapy

·         Introduction to the 12 Step Program

·         Nutrition Education

·         Private Fitness Sessions

·         Guided Yoga, Breath Work and Meditation

·         Massage

·         Outdoor Adventure Therapies and Activities (to discover new hobbies, or sports forimproved health)

·         Referral to a religious or spiritual program that resonates with you

·         Education on relapse prevention

·         Plan for family counseling as part of After Care

·         Designing the After Care Plan

Our medical professionals, therapists, and highly trained staff have the experience to guide couples through treatment and into recovery, addressing the needs of each person in the couple while restoring balance, communication, and life skills necessary to strengthen the bond the two of you share.

Contact Moffitt Wellness Retreat today to speak with a counselor who can answer questions and address any concerns you may have about Couples Rehab. Or, for a complimentary consultation please call 1.713.907.5632.