Luxury Rehab Centers:

The 6 Facts that will Surprise You.

Luxury rehab centers such as Moffitt Wellness Retreat are designed for patients who wish to maintain their lifestyle while receiving help with their addiction problem. Because you’ve made the difficult decision to seek addiction treatment it doesn’t mean you have to impede your quality of life. In fact, rehab can be a trying process and therefore should be as comfortable as possible.

Drug and/or alcohol addiction is a disease that knows no economic status - it is well known that the pressures related to a high profile and high-stress career may often be the reasons for drug and/or alcohol abuse. Luxury rehab centers exist to serve these patients and their treatment programs offer resort-like amenities that embody the idea that a patient’s only job in rehab should be the pursuit of victory over their addiction.

What to Expect from Luxury Rehab Centers

Luxury rehab centers provide their patients with features such as total privacy and confidentiality in a tranquil environment, exquisite gourmet food, state-of-the-art gyms, massage therapy, and others, while guiding them through a personalized treatment program custom designed by leading experts. Below are 6 facts about the luxury rehab center at Moffitt Wellness Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that may surprise you.

1.     You are not confined to the center.

Adventure Therapy - Hiking through the Jungle!

Adventure Therapy - Hiking through the Jungle!

Being confined is when you have limited or restricted means for entry and exit within a particular space.  At Moffitt Wellness Retreat’s luxury rehab centers, you have the freedom to venture outside the center while accompanied by your sober companion.  During your daily blocked-out “free-time”, you are able to participate in one of the many outdoor adventure therapy options, or relax around the center in your own privacy.  Your program also makes provision for days where you will be able to enjoy lunch or dinner within the beautiful town of Puerto Vallarta.  We truly believe that it is important to experience life outside of the center as your “sober self”, so you are able to experience real life situations while following the relapse prevention guidelines you will learn along the way.

2.     You will most likely have the privacy of the center to yourself.

Our luxury rehab center is a very private 4-Villa facility.  This exclusive setting ensures you a very high level of customized and personalized attention from our medical & on-site staff.  We believe this is a huge plus because frequent one-on-one individual attention gives you more dedicated and therapeutic insight during your stay than sharing a facility and its resources with 20-30 other people.  Even if our facility is filled to capacity, you will still receive the privacy and personal attention that you so desire and need.

3.     Our staff will treat you like family.

The staff at luxury rehab centers is dedicated to your success. Moffitt Wellness Retreat is no exception.  All staff, whether medical, holistic, or administrative, are professionals who pride themselves on:

  • The personal and supportive relationships that they build with their patients, and
  • The long-term success their patients experience.

Changing one’s addiction behavior is no small feat. Therefore, knowing there is someone at your side; committed to your success during each physical and mental stage of your healing journey, is extremely comforting as well as motivating. Besides having a dedicated medical team, devoted therapist, your own in-house private chef and concierge, you will also have a sober companion providing one-on-one personal assistance during your entire process. Do not be surprised if you have built new life-long friendships by the time you leave the luxury rehab center at Moffitt Wellness Retreat.

4.     You are able to leave the program at any point in time.

In some U.S states, family members can legally force people that struggle with addiction into rehab.  In other circumstances, individuals are court ordered.  At Moffitt Wellness Retreat we only accept voluntary admittance.  Our experience proofs that once a patient goes through medical detox and begins the rehab program they begin to connect to their sober self in a way they never have before. And, although we are very proud of all our patients’ accomplishments, we are most proud that all our patients have finished their entire treatment program, voluntarily! Once you start to experience this beautiful journey of healing, it is very hard not to fully continue.

5.     Friends & Family are allowed to visit you.

We believe that family and friends are an integral part of the healing process.  They are your support system and part of the ‘relapse prevention’ process.  If you have family and friends who are able to come and participate in approved sessions, whether it is for a weekend or week, we highly recommend their participation.  Please note that we carefully monitor to make sure that the family isn’t giving the patient anything that can be hazardous to his/her health, or doing any such activity that can affect his/her recovery process.

 6.     Pets are welcomed


If you are coming from outside the country, you will need to have all vaccinations up to date to be able to bring your pet to Mexico.  Other than that, it is extremely easy to bring your four-legged companion with you. Please make sure to ask us what you’ll need to bring with you.

Your pet will be in your room with you for the entire duration of your stay, but if you are the only patient at the center, your pet can be out on the grounds.  You will also have sober activities that involve your pet.  We understand how our furry friends are little therapists on their own, and believe that their companionship can have great healing power.


Luxury rehab centers such as Moffitt Wellness Retreat are dedicated to your immediate and long-term wellness. If you or a your loved one are searching for freedom from drug and/or alcohol addiction or simply need guidance in discovering the benefits and importance of healthy living, now is the time to start the path towards healing. 

Call us now for a complimentary and confidential consultation to begin your wellness journey today.

It will be our pleasure to care and serve you!