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Moffitt Wellness Retreat - Casa Patricia


Moffitt Wellness Retreat is an extraordinary 8,000+ square foot villa in the hills of the beach of Mismaloya and offers an ideal place for rehabilitation and recovery. This luxury personal and boutique drug & alcohol rehabilitation center is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and guarantees extreme privacy, confidentiality and first-class recovery assistance and care.  

With our customized and integrative approach, we provide rehabilitation services that treat and nurture your whole being – mind, body and soul - with the specific goal of restoring your much needed mental, physical and emotional health.

We believe that with this unique approach, only then is there a chance at real, long-term recovery. At Moffitt Wellness Retreat, we are dedicated to provide healing from the root cause of behaviors that are self-destructive and for those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions.  In addition, we know your privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance, and we take great care to ensure your medical services and records are kept confidential.   

Our approach to healing addiction is holistic - much more than simple detox and group counseling typically found in other, more standard wellness retreats, which usually apply a one-size-fits all philosophy or program.  Our integrative approach is an integration of physical, mental, nutritional and spiritual healing – where we strive to treat the entire person – not just their addiction.

This Integrative Approach embraces a highly customized Rehab Treatment Plan that is specifically structured as Holistic Practices woven within the 12-Step model, with a touch of traditional methods.  This method ensures that your complete systematic nature - mind, body, spirit - is fully addressed and treated, rather than dividing the treatment into parts which can result in not treating specific dimensions of the whole person. Since every individual is different, we believe every wellness treatment plan should be customized to suit the needs of the individual. And while certain aspects of your wellness treatment plan may remain constant from day-to-day such as daily meeting attendance, a specific fitness routine or a well-balanced nutritional plan, no two days are alike – as each day is customized for your wellness journey.

Moffitt Wellness Retreat offers four programs that are tailored to meet your needs, in partnership with specialists in the fields of addiction, detoxification and rehabilitation:

1.  Intervention

Moffitt Wellness Retreat provides all the services required for a successful and safe addiction intervention.  An intervention provides the family an opportunity to initiate change – and by making a decision to intervene, the family has decided to ask for help, a pivotal step in the change process.  By utilizing a trained interventionist, and with the family’s love and support, the intervention will be successful and change can begin.

2.  Detox

Amerimed Hospital is a premier hospital chain specializing in providing services to the standards of US healthcare. We’ve partnered with Amerimed to ensure the highest standard of medical care for our guests, and their medical professionals work closely with us to safely make the withdrawal process more manageable and comfortable.  Medical staff are on hand to supervise you throughout the detox process, whether you choose the Medical or Natural approach, ensuring your safety and peace of mind should withdrawal symptoms develop.                                           

3.  Rehabilitation Programs

We offer what we consider as the most comprehensive and cutting-edge addiction treatment care available. Our unique blend of traditional with innovative and progressive therapies ensures a positive and lasting effect when practiced with sincerity and honesty to oneself. Here is an example of our 15-Day Getaway program:


A Detox Program with a touch of Rehabilitation that guides you into the beginning stages of recovery.  The first week of any program is a guide through detoxification, and rest. That leaves 1 week immersed within the Rehab Program. After this program, it is recommended to continue your journey of recovery by transitioning into the 1 Month Program or After Care.

·      A Physical and Psychiatric Addiction Assessment

·      Sober Escort and Traveling Support Services Daily

·      3-Day Detox (Medical) (Additional Cost)

·      Daily AA or NA Group Meetings

·      Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Workbook Sessions

·      Healthy Meals made with local vegetables and protein (access depends upon season and    accessibility) Daily.

·      Whole Food Supplements to restore the body.  Daily.

·      Sessions of Private Fitness dedicated to your specific needs.

·      Outdoor Adventure Therapies and Activities

·      Sessions of Guided Yoga, Breath work and Meditation

·      2 Massages

4.  Aftercare:

Our special relationship and partnership with Giselle Belanger, RN, LCSW, offers life coaching and addiction therapy. Giselle is a registered nurse and a licensed clinical therapist specializing in addiction, family, and couples work and has written over fifty articles related to this field. Guests are provided with a personalized aftercare plan that will continue to assist them on their transition once they return home.  A 2-week aftercare program is provided and included in the 30 Day Rehabilitation Full Service Package.  The aftercare program consists of one or more of the following services:  

      i.         Life Coaching

      ii.        Recovery Coaching

      iii.    Addiction Therapy 

Any one of these services will guide you in maintaining an ongoing healthy recovery.

More About Our Facility

Moffitt Wellness Retreat is also known fondly in Mexico as “Casa Patricia” – named for Roy Moffitt’s wife, Tricia. Our beautiful retreat is a private and luxurious villa in the gentle foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mismaloya, while embracing the ocean view of Banderas Bay.  A four bedroom villa, multi-level boutique health and wellness retreat with over 8,000 square feet, our facilities include a stunning swimming pool and spa overlooking the Pacific Ocean, an off-site fully equipped workout center, and an on-site personal chef.   We are fully staffed to cater to your individual needs, and offer yoga, meditation, massage, hiking and even horseback riding to heal your mind and body and soothe your spirit.  The private and luxurious views from our villas offers our guests unique and stunning vistas from every spot within the retreat - on one side  there is the stunning depth of the mountains and on the other, the breadth of the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific ocean.

Some wellness retreats are restrictive with their guests’ movements outside the property – in this, we are very unique as we don’t restrict our guests to the grounds of our facility.  In fact, we encourage our guests to connect with the therapeutic surroundings of Puerto Vallarta and explore what the city has to offer – and accompanied by a personal sober companion, our guests are provided with opportunities to experience real-life situations as part of the detoxification and wellness journey. We know that achieving specific goals and overcoming personal obstacles lead to a renewed sense of hope and a positive outlook on the future, and we highly encourage our guests to take these steps towards a life of freedom from addiction when and as appropriate.

Complimentary Consultation

If you or a loved one are searching for freedom from addiction or simply need guidance in discovering the benefits and importance of healthy living, now is the time to start your path towards healing at Moffitt Wellness Retreat. 

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