Long-Term Rehab in Mexico

When I sign up for rehab in Mexico, how long will it take? This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

When a person seeks substance addiction treatment, there are many choices that need to be considered. Least of them is the duration of their rehab program. Most addictions are chronic conditions that cannot be overcome by simply discontinuing the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Addiction is a condition that requires proper care and treatment, even more so if the person has been abusing an addictive substance for a long time.

It is not uncommon to see short term recovery programs that normally last +/- 30 days. Unfortunately, very often the only benefit short term rehab programs offer is a month free from alcohol and/or drug use. These programs may fit within the requirements of health insurance policies but they surely do not fit the needs of people with a serious substance addiction.

Short term rehab programs are more successful when a person is not heavily addicted and the program gives a person an opportunity to step back from the addiction and regroup. But for most people, this is simply not enough time to recover.

Longer term rehab programs that range from a few months to a year can help in treating chronic alcohol and/or drug addiction by providing intensive and structured treatments, helping people who consistently struggle with addiction to sustain abstinence and regain their normal life.

Therefore people who struggle to make a full recovery with a short-term (30 days or less) program are perfect candidates for our long-term program.  Our long-term rehab in Mexico program can last between 2 to 12 months - time can fluctuate depending upon your progress and overall comfort. 

 Long-term rehab in Mexico can offer you or your loved one the best chance to stay sober or free from addiction.  From a medical perspective, both the body and mind of an addicted person requires time to properly heal.  While our 30-Day Program is an excellent start, many people require a longer term option to give them the strong foundation needed to remain sober.  Drug and alcohol addiction is a life threatening condition. Your long-term rehab in Mexico is geared to provide you with the edge needed to overcome addiction and remain steady on the path of recovery.

Rehab in Mexico - What to Expect


Our addiction rehab programs involve several days of closely monitored detoxification, residential rehabilitation, and aftercare support.  With our long-term rehab programs we focus strongly on intensive and structured treatments customized to your specific condition. We work together to help you put changes in place to sustain abstinence and regain control of your normal life.

To achieve the above we do not just help patients to regain sobriety, we concentrate on helping patients to regain sobriety in the most natural and effective way possible.  Our primary objective with each and every long-term rehab in Mexico program is to reinstate patients into their everyday environments so they can regain their confidence, self-respect, and sense of responsibility for their own lives. To achieve this objective patients enjoy the freedom to venture outside the center while accompanied by their sober companion, to enjoy lunch or dinner within the beautiful town of Puerto Vallarta, or to participate in one of the many outdoor adventure therapy options available. This approach helps our patients to become productive citizens without the drastic feeling of separation between recovery and their everyday life.

Many addiction treatments have a way of making you feel separated from the world around you.  So, instead of continuing to feed that sense of separation our rehab in Mexico programs provide an environment to put you in touch with the surrounding community. At Moffitt Wellness Retreat we strongly believe that our environment for long-term care goes above and beyond what any other medically focused facility can offer.  

Living Responsibly

Another area that we pay attention to in our long-term rehab programs is teaching participants how to live responsibly and productively while practicing the Twelve Steps - as well as other related principles of recovery as a way of life.  We truly believe that the Twelve Steps is a foundational guide for healthy living.  Participants begin learning many of the skills required to build and sustain meaningful relationships through a wide variety of outside recovery meetings, social events, and personal instruction from staff and guidance from a host of dedicated recovering addicts.

Some of the support groups you will be introduced to include:

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous – includes specific woman’s group and LGBT group.
  2. Narcotics Anonymous
  3. Nicotine Anonymous
  4. ARTS (a 12-Step Program for Creative People)

Our long-term recovery programs also include introductions to additional skills in areas of:

  1. Stress reduction
  2. Physical health
  3. Mental wellness
  4. Family therapy
  5. Relapse prevention.

And, an area that sets us apart from other luxury rehab centers is the very unique community experience we offer to our patients. Some of these exceptional outdoor/indoor activities are:  

  • Horseback Riding
  • Cultural Outings out on the town of Puerto Vallarta, MX
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Massage Therapy
  • Outreach Programs
  • Whale Watching
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Hiking  

When you need help

At Moffitt Wellness Retreat our residential treatment programs are customized to fit your specific situation and our long-term community focused rehab programs may be the solution you’re looking for:

You are part of the solution and everyone involved in your program treats you like family.

Let you ease into your healing process by participating in local community activities under the guidance of a caring sober companion.

Has a strong medical structure – supervised medical detox, psychiatric counseling, general counseling, nutritional counseling, and overall physical assessment) 

Luxury rehab centers such as Moffitt Wellness Retreat are dedicated to your immediate and long-term wellness. If you or a your loved one are searching for freedom from drug and/or alcohol addiction or simply need guidance in discovering the benefits and importance of healthy living, now is the time to start the path towards healing.