Rehab Mexico: 

What is Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome?

You have had enough. You want to be sober. You have taken the first step. You have just signed up for an alcohol rehab program in Mexico!

When you sign up for an alcohol rehab program at Moffitt Wellness Retreat you have not only taken the first step towards sobriety, you have also taken the first step to reclaiming your life.  

And, at Moffitt Wellness Retreat, our luxury addiction rehab facility in the gentle foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains above Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we are totally dedicated to your addiction treatment.

But what does addiction treatment entail and what can you expect from your rehab program?

Rehab Mexico - Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome


The first issue to be aware of is a condition known as alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

WebMD explains that alcohol withdrawal syndrome is a potentially life-threatening condition that can occur in people who have been drinking heavily for weeks, months, or years and then either stop or significantly reduce their alcohol consumption.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can begin as early as two hours after the last drink, persist for weeks, and range from mild anxiety and shakiness to severe complications, such as seizures and delirium tremens (also called DTs).

Knowing this what can you expect from our alcohol detox program?

What to expect from our Alcohol Detox Program

First, when you admit yourself into Moffitt Wellness Retreat for alcohol abuse treatment, we highly recommend that you begin your program by going through our Medical Detox Program.  The alcohol detox program is fully supervised by a medical team recording your alcohol withdrawal levels and symptoms as well as administering tests and medications to control symptoms.  Our medical detox program can help to reduce the risk of developing withdrawal seizures or DTs (delirium tremens).

It is also important to know that our alcohol detox program is only the first step towards recovery. 

Second, during your first consultation, you will be asked several questions related to your drinking history, health problems, work, and living situation.  Please be open to these questions and give honest answers. This will ensure that you get the best treatment possible.


Third, during your physical exam, the doctor will identify alcohol withdrawal symptoms and any other potential complicating medical conditions such as irregular heartbeats, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, gastrointestinal bleeding, infections, liver disease, nervous system impairment, and pancreatitis. The doctor will also order blood tests to measure complete blood count, alcohol and electrolyte levels, liver function, and a urine screen to identify drug use.

The results of your medical history and physical exam will help the doctor decide if you have alcohol withdrawal syndrome and, if so, its severity.

If the doctor finds that you do not have alcohol withdrawal syndrome, or that the medical and physical exams conclude that it isn’t mandatory to go through a medical detox, we will then admit you directly into our 30-Day “Rehab in Mexico” program to continue your treatment.

If it is deemed necessary to go through our Alcohol Detox Program, you will be admitted into our partnered Medical Hospital, Amerimed, to proceed with treatment.  Once you complete the 2-3 day detox and the alcohol is completely out of your system, you will be admitted directly into our 30-day rehab program. 

Within our rehab program, your treatment for alcohol abuse and dependence includes the following 5 points, along with our main program of activities outlined for the 30-day rehab program:

1.    Rest - You may be on medicine to transition from your detox.

2.    Introduction to the 12-Step Program (Alcoholics Anonymous)

3.    AA Group Therapy

4.    One or more types of Private Counseling

5.    Alcohol Education

The 12-step program and AA Group Therapy are part of your treatment and continues after your treatment at Moffitt Wellness Retreat ends.


Our Integrative Approach to treatment doesn't just deal with alcohol. This approach focus on integrating physical, mental, nutritional, and spiritual healing. In other words, we strive to treat the entire person – not just their addiction. Our medical team will develop a treatment plan which includes your treatment goals and methods to reach those goals.  This will help you to stay focused and on track.  The knowledge and expertise acquired during your rehab in Mexico will equip you with the skills to manage problems in your daily life so you don't have to depend on alcohol.

It’s important to realize that your rehab in Mexico will help you to overcome dependence, but it won’t happen all at once. Recovery from alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence, “staying sober”, is a lifelong process that takes commitment and effort.  For this reason Moffitt Wellness Retreat is dedicated to your long-term care and strives to support you in any way possible to achieve long lasting changes in your life and the future.

We are here to help

As mentioned above, recovery from alcohol addiction is a life-long journey and sometimes it entails starting over again. Please know that Moffitt Wellness Retreat and its entire staff are there to help you be successful.

If you or a loved one are searching for freedom from alcohol addiction or simply need guidance in discovering the benefits and importance of healthy living, now is the time to start your path towards healing at Moffitt Wellness Retreat. Call us now for a complimentary and confidential consultation.