Luxury Drug Rehab Centers for Couples


Couples who are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs often have a difficult time finding an addiction treatment center that will help both of them recover from substance abuse at the same time.  Needless to say that it’s even more difficult for couples to find luxury alcohol and/or drug rehab centers willing to treat them at the same time.

At Moffitt Wellness Retreat, our luxury drug rehab center in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we encourage you to use your time as an opportunity to repair and grow your relationship.  Unlike most luxury drug rehab centers, we understand that it is possible for loving, committed couples to recover from addiction together.  We also understand that the foundation in healing a couple is first and foremost, the healing of each individual within the couple, privately and confidentially.  We believe that the benefit in couples attending the same rehab during the same time is that we not only work with each of you individually, but you are also present in each other’s process for couple therapy sessions, family therapy, and so much more.

The impact of addiction is felt more within a romantic relationship than perhaps any other, especially when both members are battling drugs and alcohol. If the addiction is not properly addressed and managed, it will quickly erode any trust and intimacy that has been built up in the union, whether it’s a married couple of 40 years or a boyfriend and girlfriend in a less matured relationship.

We are mindful of the vital role that significant others play in the recovery process and the importance of repairing relationships so that patients can continue their healing with the support of those closest to them.

Luxury Drug Rehab Centers - The Process to Recovery

Initially, our luxury drug rehab center will thoroughly detox each partner in a medically managed environment that includes 24-hour care.  Once medical detox is complete, our caring and qualified staff will develop a recovery plan for each partner that takes both personal and relationship needs into account.  These plans will include the most progressive and successful therapies in addiction.

Couples Therapy – Restoring Trust, Harmony, Balance, and Love


Our Couples Therapy program is ideal for couples when both parties are suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction, at whatever stage it may be.  Within our program, as you rebuild your individual life, you will also have the opportunity to work on your relationship through weekly couple therapy sessions.

Our luxury drug rehab center for couples assists each partner with uncovering the roots of their substance abuse problems while teaching each person how to better manage life's challenges without alcohol and/or drugs.  Our program helps patients and their significant others identify and address the key issues that have caused their relationship to deteriorate, whether they’re related to addiction or another deeper-rooted issue.

Couples therapy is most effective when both parties are honest with each other and committed to their recovery and relationship.

Codependency – Restoring Independence & Removing Patterns

Codependency is a common issue and it can be a powerful strain on the relationship as well as the individual health of the two parties.  By attending our luxury drug rehab center as a couple, we can help to uncover the codependent or enabling tendencies within the relationship.  Depending on the level of codependency the therapist feels is present, they may decide to treat each of you on your own or recommend specialized care.  Each of you will be taught to recognize the stressors and thought patterns that have led to your codependent behavior.

Also, couples are admitted into their own individual rooms at the facility to enforce independence and privacy.  This will give each of you the space that you need while healing from your own individualized addiction.  The rehab programs are also created for individualized care, while maintaining the integrity of the couple’s therapy process.  Your daily schedule may have different days and times in which you attend your own sessions.  Although activities within your daily schedule will mostly be separate, there will be some free time as well as certain treatment activities that could be together.  Each schedule is developed upon a thorough assessment from the therapist to determine:

  1. The Nature of your codependency
  2. The therapy sessions for your specific treatment
  3. Which therapy sessions would complement each other’s treatment schedule and could be attended together.


We know that there are other luxury drug rehab centers to select from. Therefore we have focused our efforts to provide a luxury rehab center that is proud of its reputation for providing outstanding couples therapy that addresses all aspects of recovery, whether physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual. Experience has taught us that only through a dedicated and correctly integrated process, can your road to recovery be truly successful.

 If you and your loved one are searching for freedom from addiction or simply need guidance in discovering the benefits and importance of healthy living, now is the time to start your path towards healing at Moffitt Wellness Retreat. 

Call us now for a complimentary and confidential consultation to begin your wellness journey together, today!