Is your teenage son or daughter suffering from substance abuse?

In 2012, nearly 5,000 Houston minors were arrested for offenses related to substance abuse, and in only 25% of those cases was the abused substance alcohol. While alcoholism is indeed a major problem, students in Houston also face great peer pressure to use illegal narcotics or legal drugs not prescribed to them. 

Whether or not you suspect your teenager of substance abuse, your teenage child may already be suffering from substance abuse or addiction. Identifying the problem and finding professional treatment is a critical first step to addressing the growing and dangerous trend of Houston teenagers with substance addiction.

Drug addiction is both powerful and delusive, making it difficult for the addict to realize and/or admit that a serious problem truly exists. This evasiveness arises, in part, from the effects of the drugs on the user's mentality. First, addiction is created as the drug causes levels of the pleasure-triggering hormone dopamine to surge in the brain, and these feelings are remembered and craved thereafter. Second, drugs are intoxicating, reducing your ability to think clearly, make good decisions, or to feel at ease in the absence of the drug's euphoric effects.

You and your teenager must go through the following three phases to successfully overcome his/her drug addiction:

1. Admit the Problem and Seek Professional Treatment

The number one reason that drug rehab for teenagers is never sought is because the addict and/or his parents are in a state of denial. If even a suspicion exists in your mind, do not hesitate to reach out for professional advice. Drug abusers overestimate the level of control they have over their habit and underestimate how much it is controlling them and destroying their lives, so do not let your child dissuade you from seeking help for him or her.

2. Persevere Through Drug Rehab With Your Teenager

The recovery process will involve many successes and setbacks and, usually, a good deal of time. Treatment may include behavioral counseling, medications, and isolation from the temptations and triggers to drug use that your teenager typically faces on a daily basis. At least 90 days is required in most cases, but the longer and stronger the addiction, the more intense and lengthy will be the rehabilitation process.

In general, drug rehab for youths is best done in a relaxing environment with minimal stress, so be sure to check on the facilities before choosing a rehab center. A specialty drug rehab program for Houston teenagers may offer residential short-term (30 days or less) or residential long-term (more than 30 days). Also look for counselors whose credentials and demeanor influence both you and your child to trust them. Finally, insist on a drug rehab treatment program that seeks to address the root cause of the addiction rather than one that deals with just surface symptoms.

3. Be on Your Guard to Counter a Subsequent Relapse

After the drug rehab program for your teenager is completed, there are a number of actions you can take to help your teenager stay sober. The rehab center itself will be able to assist you in knowing how to support your child and knowing what signs to watch for that could signal a relapse.

Some specific steps you can take in the interests of your child include:
●    Keep your child on a schedule that includes even free-time activities.
●    Seek to prevent him/her from contacting old acquaintances who still use drugs.
●    Help him establish new social connections that will help him keep sober.
●    Have a daily conversation with your teenager about his progress.
●    Let your child know he has a family support network 24/7
●    Continue occasional long-term follow-up sessions as long as needed


The need for drug rehab for Houston teenagers is an imperative. Many teenagers are afraid or unaware of how to seek help. With the help of a professional drug rehab program, many parents of addicted teenagers have been able to identify and recognize the problem, sought professional help, persevered with their child through the rehabilitation process, and continued to support them post-rehab – and have seen their children rescued from a life of drug addiction.

We at Moffitt Wellness Retreat offer professional drug rehab for Houston teenagers and others struggling with drug addictions. Located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we provide a beautiful, relaxing setting in which your child can recover along with expert counseling and support.

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